Sunday, May 31, 2009

Alki Beach

We found the greatest beach today! Alki seemed a bit too far for a bike ride so we drove over with our bikes in tow and rode once we arrived. It was the Summer Streets festival so the road was closed to cars, but even on a normal car-infested day, this is a great beachy area! It's like Green Lake's beachy dirty brother--it's even got its own Duke's and Spud to add to the family resemblance. It feels a lot like San Diego's Ocean Beach, but slightly less dirty.
The Cool Moms booth was doing face painting, but unfortunately (or fortunately, as far as Dan was concerned) they were only doing cheek art so I couldn't get Brandt properly done up. But he patiently got a soccer ball and really liked it.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Boat

After a romp in the park and the best brunch at Tree-House Cafe, we went to visit The Boat. Brandt liked climbing around on it as much as I did when I was little. The book about The Boat is almost done. We got to see a draft, but I can't wait to get my hands on the real thing!
Our short but sweet visit ended this afternoon. Our ferry parking spot was next to another toddler plus one-on-the-way family who welcomed us by saying, "Say goodbye to that cute little car of yours. You'll be getting a minivan soon, too." I laughed it off and when I met a family with two little girls in the play area I asked them what kind of car they drove, sure they wouldn't say minivan. But sure enough, they're van drivers, too. Eek--they're everywhere! But that doesn't mean we have to conform.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Salt Spring Island

Yesterday we came up to Salt Spring Island to visit Aunt Bianca and Uncle Gordon. The weather is perfect so it's the ideal weekend for a visit, other than the 90 minute wait to get through the border yesterday. The ferry ride was a big hit and we even saw a Canadian hippy get out from her hiding place in the trunk once the boat left shore.
We had a wonderful time hanging out in Ganges all morning. The playground is great and a fire fighter gave Brandt a plastic fire hat and his first temporary tattoo.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wallingford Farmers Market

I don't think our neighborhood has a farmers market so we headed a whole mile away to the second Wallingford Market of the season. It was small compared to the weekend markets in Ballard and Fremont (which we've only seen while biking by), but it was still quite nice and much bigger than the farmers markets in Vegas. We didn't bring anything home this time, but Brandt got to pet a bunny and eat a honey stick.
After the market we rode a couple more blocks to the Wallingford Playfield and discovered the park is indeed as cool as it looked when we first noticed it a week ago. Hopefully we can make this a weekly habit. And next time we'll bring cheese and veggies and honey, but no bunny, home.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kidical Mass

Today was Bike-to-Work Day and there were a ton of activities. We kicked off the day by hitting the Cascade tent outside Gregg's Cycles for free stuff. Technically, it was a pit stop for people biking on their way to work, but I figure Brandt is my boss and I biked him there so I deserved the free bike light and Clif bars.
Next up was Summer Streets in Ballard at 4pm. I thought it would be bigger than it was, but it was still fun and Brandt got an Undriver License he's really excited about and everyone got free bananas. And we saw the Dutch Bike Company's seven-seat Conference Bike. It was OK, but I felt obligated to tell them it wasn't quite as cool as the similar bike I saw in Amsterdam a few years back that had more seats and several kegs in the middle.
Then the best part: Seattle's first Kidical Mass! We met a bunch of other families at a park a block from Summer Streets and we all rode along the Burke-Gilman trail to Gasworks Park for the purpose of increasing the visibility of family biking on Seattle streets. It was really fun and will hopefully be a monthly event. This was also our first visit to Gasworks Park and wow, it's cool! It was great for boat viewing so I'll definitely have to bring Brandt back down there. I'm a little worried next time I ride back home up Stone I won't be able to make it without resting halfway, though.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

This morning we rode the Burke-Gilman trail the other direction to have brunch at The Dish in Ballard. It was delish, but the wait was awfully long. I'd love to go back, but only if we can get there earlier in the morning.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

March for Babies

This morning Brandt and I walked 3.5 miles in the March for Babies. It was really cool, and not only because we got free pancakes at the beginning and free hot dogs at the end. We gathered in Qwest Field (where the Seahawks play) and got to walk along the closed viaduct. The view was great, but Brandt slept on my back the whole walk and missed it.
I thought the march was exercise enough for today, but Dan really wanted to bike the Burke-Gilman trail. I was worried about the climb back up Stone, but Dan wouldn't let me whine my way out of it and said he could always leave me and Brandt at Gasworks Park and go home to fetch the car and retrieve us. Turns out I worried for nothing because Stone is not nearly as steep as 50th.
We saw a lot of cool stuff on our ride, including the very cool-looking Wallingford playfield park super close to home and the curious Wall of Death. Again, Brandt missed it all in favor of napping in the Burley trailer. We travelled east through Magnuson Park and back before Brandt woke up. On the way home we stopped at Tutta Bella for pizza and I am definitely going back when I can drink coffee because check this out: Caffe Cioccolato - Chocolate latte with Nutella, steamed milk and espresso. Yum!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rain-ruined day

Today coulda been so cool! Brandt and I were going to take the bus for the first time (finally!) to go downtown to the Denny Park play area opening celebration, complete with face painting, balloon animals, and live band. It was also Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day with big boat parade, but due to the weather we skipped that, too.
I took advantage of the situation and napped much of the day while Dan and Brandt did who knows what. And I got a little outdoor time, too, taking Brandt for rides on his new bike at 7am and 4pm, in between rain showers. He doesn't pedal yet, but he tries to now and again. And he loves pushing his way over obstacles, like the two cement curbs in the neighbor's driveway. He loves this bike so (too) much that I've taken to leaving and entering the house through the back door so he doesn't see the thing and insist on riding it.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hola penguins!

Thanks to an early nap we were able to race to the zoo for opening day of the Humboldt penguins. Being too cheap to pay $5 for parking, I decided to see if I could make it up the 50th Street hill on my bike. Holy penguin that was hard! Never again, pregnant and toting a toddler or no. But we made it to the exhibit by 3pm and after an hour I finally caught my breath.
The penguins were pretty cool, but Brandt's newest two animal signs are monkey and tiger so we went in search of them next. The tiger was too far away, but we hit every section of the zoo we hadn't seen on prior visits...not on purpose, though--that place is so circuitous and hard to navigate! We had the most interesting conversation on the way to the gorillas. I told Brandt we were going to see gorillas next and he signed umbrella so I signed monkey and explained they were more like monkeys than umbrellas. This went on until we reached the gorillas and then Brandt finally believed me. Stubborn little Aries.