Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wading Pool

I can't believe this is our first wading pool picture on the blog--we've been so many times. This was our first morning visit, though. It stays hot and light until late so we usually come over after nap. Apparently the water is colder in the morning, but I just sit in the shade and let Brandt do his thing so I don't have to get wet. It was only half-filled today, if you think it looks more like a shuffling pool than a wading pool. The city is conserving water by only filling it full on the busiest days. It's a pretty organized operation: they only open it on days the forecast is above 70 and they drain it nightly and slightly chlorinate it and clean it hourly.
The gal in the background is one of Brandt's swim teachers. She was waiting for him to turn around to see if it was indeed Brandt because she recognized his outfit. I was embarrassed to think he'd worn the same swim outfit to class yesterday, but phew, he didn't. Speaking of swim class, yesterday was our last day. Some of us wrangled life jackets onto our little guys and took them down the big slide in the main pool. Brandt enjoyed climbing all the stairs up the slide and the winding ride down, but did not like plunging into the cold water. I asked if he wanted to go again and he signed "all done" and ran back to the little warm pool.


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