Saturday, July 4, 2009


We rode down to Gasworks Park for the big fireworks show tonight. It was sooo hot today that we didn't even head down until after 7:00. Sunset was 9:10 so the show didn't start until 10:00. I was hoping to toss Brandt in a bouncey house when we arrived, but the bounce houses were HUGE and then lines were long. So we passed the time sitting on our picnic blanket, eating hot dogs and brownie bites while watching the boats.
It was crowded, but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. And Seattlites are so nice and mellow. We were right by the beer garden, but the drinkers were all quiet and well-behaved. I can guarantee this would not have been the case in San Diego! Or Vegas. And the show was awesome. I haven't been this close to fireworks in quite a while, so that alone was cool, but the display and coordinating music was great, too. Even better than the SPARKLE shows in Santa Barbara.
So glad we rode the bikes because the car traffic getting out of Gas Works was crazy. The bus looked packed, too. The ride up Stone was still easy for me. And I still didn't have to resort to my granny gear or rest on the way up. But this might be my last long ride for a while, I'm thinking.
On Thursday we went to the Bee Boppin' Bugs performance at the Fremont library. As soon as I walked in the librarian and Nancy looked at me with horrified looks and asked, "When are you due?" "Are you going to go into labor during my performance?" Sheesh. I'm not that huge yet. I assured them I had a while to go so they let us stay.


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