Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bradner Gardens Park

My original plan of staying home with a four-day-old baby was not to be today so Brandt and I met some friends out at Bradner Gardens Park. As nice as the planty parts are, the tiling in the bathroom is even cooler. Brandt's favorite part was the big broom for sweeping out the gazebo. Of course he swept pebbles into the picnic area rather than crumbs out, but he'll be a neat freak like his father in no time--the foundation is there.
In the afternoon we went for a pedicure to see if they could hit the right pressure points to encourage the baby to getting birthin'. Actually, it wasn't even a real pedicure. The nearby affordable place is closed on Tuesdays (who closes down on Tuesdays??) so we went to a fancy Julep in the University District and I didn't want to pay $78 for the pregnancy pedicure ("Legs feel lighter! Circulation-boosting massage using camphor and menthol, hydrating paraffin, and unscented organic moisturizer. Take home a complimentary bottle of Julep Nail Vernis") so I paid $38 for "Relief for Tired Feet" which I figured was a pedicure minus the polish. Turns out it was also minus the nail trim. I can still reach my toe nails, but I had been looking forward to not having to manage one last nail trim on my own. Oh well. And at least it was quicker so Brandt didn't have to sit through too much. He actually had a great time. They had lots of books and every seat had a chocolate next to it. He was mostly busy asking for the second chocolate ("Two two two shakas?"...I don't know the sign for chocolate so we just do the Hawaiian shaka sign, figuring that's close enough) before I gave in. The receptionist does a babysitting thing for kids there on Mondays and said Brandt was the best-behaved child she'd ever seen. I don't know why, but it always makes me cringe when I hear that. Weird, right?
Our other most exciting outing lately was riding the bus to the Central Library last Thursday. The plan was to watch African Masked Dancers, but the line was so long and Brandt really wanted to ride the escalator so we did that instead. The bus ride was great. It would have been greater had Brandt not shouted "Bus! Bus! Bus!" nonstop the whole way.


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