Monday, June 29, 2009

Water (pool and melon)

Brandt had his third swim lesson at the Mounger pool in Magnolia this afternoon and he loves it! It's amazing what a difference a warm pool makes. He didn't hate our Green Lake pool, but he wasn't ecstatic to be in the cool water. Now he giggles the entire half hour and tries everything. I never would have attempted to dunk him in the old pool, but now he'll slide down the little pool-edge slide (yeah, very distracting for them to leave the slide set up during swim class!) and I let him sink all the way in before I scoop him up. He loves it! I'm [wisely] too scared to bring the nice camera to the pool so unless I can get a good iPhone photo, you'll just have to imagine how cool it all is.
It has been really hot out so it's definitely watermelon season. The baby-to-be even likes it. He had been demanding I eat chocolate, but now he's content with watermelon. And where have I been that I didn't know the trick of freezing watermelon slices? It's the best! I'm trying to do most of my watermelon eating while Brandt is napping or asleep at night so I don't have to share...or deal with hosing him down afterwards.


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