Monday, June 22, 2009

Tide pools

Today was beach day at Itty Bitty Camp. It was a little cool out and everyone got soaking wet (you'd see if the photo showed the back of Brandt), but it was great fun. Brandt is holding his "tub of life" in which we put crabs and hermit crabs and rocks. The sea anemones were a big hit, too.
There was one casualty at beach day: I dropped the camera in a tide pool. Everyone was very impressed with how relaxed I was about killing the camera so I had to admit I'd already dropped it on the asphalt at Elbow Eye Park a week ago and broken the display. It still worked for a while after it's dip in the pool, but now it's dead dead. Fortunately (and not surprisingly) Dan thinks he paid for an extended warranty so hopefully we can send it back for repairs again.


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