Monday, June 15, 2009

Itty Bitty Camp

Brandt's enrolled in a very cool nature camp called Itty Bitty Camp on Mondays. We meet in a different part of Discovery Park every week. Today was pond day and since our focus was on dragonflies, our art project at the end was dragonfly wings (I don't know the sign for dragonfly so we just called them butterfly wings).
Yesterday we drove the bikes down to Seward Park for the weekly Lake Washington Boulevard bike ride. Every Sunday (Mother's Day through September) cars are banned so families can bike up and down. There was also a small Family Biking Expo going on. We didn't see anything new, but realized just how popular Xtracycles are up here.
We rode through Seward Park to finish up the day and saw a kid fall off his little bike and hurt his elbow. This happened moments before Dan got a bug in his eye so the park will forever now be called "Elbow Eye Park" because Brandt keeps saying "elbow eye, elbow eye" (and sometimes "papa bug eye, elbow eye").


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