Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sleepy in Seattle

We landed at 6am. Redeyes always seem like such a great idea, but they're so painful in practice. At least Brandt slept the whole way. Actually, he slept more than the whole way because he fell asleep before take-off. I slept a bit, but it was hard to get comfortable with big Brandt and my big belly vying for space.
When I saw Dan pull up to the curb in my car, I thought it had snowed while we were gone. Turns out it was covered in flower petals, not snowflakes. However, the car in front of us at the airport did have snow on the bumper. He must have driven down from some mountain to pick up a passenger. The blooms at home were nice to look at, but not nice enough to keep us awake for long. Fortunately Brandt was still tired, too, and we got to sleep much of the day away.


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