Friday, April 3, 2009

Seattle Children's Museum

Back in the drizzly city.
Brandt's friend Sloane got us into the Children's Museum today. It's so cool! There's no bouncy mattress room like in the San Diego one or an enormous flight of stairs like in the Vegas one, but it's definitely our favorite. We timed our visit to do the Singing and Signing program and it was terrific. We might have to reschedule gymnastics class next time around so we can do this more often.
Not the best picture for this, but you can get a glimpse of Brandt's new shoes. I had thought the way to size baby shoes was hold them up to the bottom of the foot and if the foot is slightly smaller than the shoe, you've got a match. Silly me. Apparently you need a whole thumb's width between the toes and the end of the shoe! So Brandt's been in a 5 1/2 and he should be in a 7 1/2. Doh!


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