Friday, April 24, 2009

Mini herbalist

Brandt and I went to The Herbalist to pick up some herbs for making fake Kool Aid this afternoon. Fortunately, the dog who was hanging out in the shop last time we were here had the day off. Brandt signed dog as soon as we got to the door so he remembered the dog and had plans for terrorizing him again.
Without the distraction of the doggie, Brandt had a great time scooping herbs and the herbalist on duty was quite taken with him. When she saw my big belly she said the universe was blessed that I was having another one. Cool deal. Oh, and she liked the fake Kool Aid recipe so much she's going to try it herself. Supposedly you can give it to kids who are used to Kool Aid and they love it, too.
Unfortunately the tea gave Brandt hives, but we might try again with one ingredient cut out at a time since it's such a good batch of stuff. Here's the recipe:
From Herbal Medicine Made Simple: Buy, Make and Use Herbs With Ease by Nicole Carter, MEd, M.H.
Kids Fool-Aid:
1 part rose hips
1 part lemon balm or lemon grass
1 part alfalfa
2 parts hibiscus
Sweeten with agave nectar or stevia to taste.
This tea comes out red, like Kool-Aid, but without the artificial colors or sugar. Use 1/2 cup herb mixture to 1/2-1 quart water. Boil water and steep herbs for five minutes. Serve iced.


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