Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Tammie and I hid easter eggs all over the bottom floor of her house last night, but Brandt slept in a bit and missed most of the hunt. He was still very excited to get his bucket and find a couple remaining eggs...and to get his first easter basket! The easter bunny (Tammie) was very generous and he got lots of cool stuff. As did I!
Then we checked out the new north shore farmers market that had special easter stuff going on. Brandt and Hannah got their faces painted (a fish for Brandt and a flower for Hannah) and all three kids made little easter baskets. Jake and Hannah did the egg hunt course to collect candy while Brandt opted to off-road it and put sticks and rocks and bits of paper into his.
And then we made it to the beach! Unfortunately there were no turtles on shore, but I saw a few in the shallow water. They were probably on their way in, but apparently it's a very long process so we didn't wait around to see the show. Brandt had a great time playing in the water and chasing bubbles and passed out in the car on the ride home.
But wait, there's more! Immediately after naps, we headed to easter dinner at Tammie's friend's house down the street. Brandt got to eat at the kiddie table with four other kids. It was very cute. Kiddie dessert on a picnic blanket in the kitchen wasn't so cute, though. Ten minutes into grown up cocktails (well, sparkling apple cider for me), Brandt wandered over covered in chocolate.


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