Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bunnies galore

We took pictures with not one but two Easter bunnies today. The first one was kind of lame so we didn't stay long, but the second one was very cute as was all the surrounding kiddie stuff. We ended up skipping the face painting and balloon animals, but Jake played nine holes of keiki golf twice, they rode a mini merry-go-round, and they all got to hold baby chicks on their laps at the petting zoo (actually, Brandt just poked at Hannah's chick because I didn't trust him with his own).
In the afternoon we walked to the pool. Brandt and Hannah wisely stayed in the hot tub where Tammie caught them over and over as they flung themselves at her while Jake and I played in the cold pool. I'm pretty sure Brandt will sleep until a decent hour again after all that activity. Unfortunately I am still waking up at 5!


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