Tuesday, March 31, 2009

City Farmers Nursery

After running some errands (shoe shopping, replacing Dan's watch battery, screaming nonstop in the credit union) we met Alex and the girls at the coolest place: City Farmers Nursery. Alex was there to buy a couple trees, but the rest of us had tons of fun in the mini playground, and admiring the plethora of animals. Check it out: a pen with a horse, three goats, ducks, chickens, roosters; a hutch with two rabbits; a pond with big turtles; a tank with mini turtles; numerous tanks of fish; a mean parrot; and Abby the dog. Abby the dog was Brandt's favorite and he got very upset when we couldn't find her to say goodbye. I told him she was off sleeping and he brought it up several times later by signing dog and sleeping with a sad look on his little face.
We had a terrific dinner at C Level with Jeff and Ashley. Sam and Brandt didn't play together too much, but Ava fell in love with Brandt (she told us so) and shared her princess stickers with him. I brushed Brandt's hair for the first time for the occasion. I used a wet mascara brush and it did a great job. Some day he'll have enough hair for a real brush.


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