Monday, March 10, 2008

Not-so-funny bunny

In my ongoing effort to be bi-denominational, I took Brandt to meet the Easter Bunny at the outlet center today. As you can see, he wasn't really digging it. I can't say I blame him--that bunny looks creepy, doesn't he? We might try again with a different bunny in a few days off.
Brandt hasn't slithered in days, but he sometimes gets a little too eager in his crawling and flips endo: he puts his right foot flat on the floor and pushes so hard that he sometimes can't keep his left arm straight and somersaults. As you can imagine, he finds this quite upsetting.
Yesterday we checked out the new Palazzo, where Financial Kim and Eric are staying for a couple days. It's pretty! We had lunch next door at the Venetian where Brandt was quite taken with the jugglers in St. Mark's Square.
Brandt went to another birthday party this afternoon, this time at My Indoor Garden indoor park. Unfortunately he slept through most of it and when he woke up, was too shy to play on all the soft tumbling toys until the last ten minutes. And once we got home he went berserk and ran amok with Dan for a couple hours before settling down. Such a shame! I wish he'd been a madman at the party.


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