Saturday, May 19, 2007

Day 34: First road trip

Throwing down gang signs on the Santa Monica pier. West coast representin'
We took Brandt on his first trip this weekend, to Los Angeles, and it went well! We met up with Uncle Alex and Aunt Emilie at the Santa Monica pier so Brandt could see the ocean for the first time. I'll post a picture of his ridiculously puffy swim trunks some day soon, but since he slept in the sling the whole time we were there, they didn't get to see the light of day.
He was also a well-behaved little angel at Musso & Frank's Grill (well, until it was time to leave, but talk about perfect timing!) and apparently we didn't ruin our celebrity spotting karma when we declined to be filmed being interviewed by "one of the country's top CEOs who wants to ask you questions about working" on the pier because we dined three tables away from The Rock, Dwayne Johnson.


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