Monday, May 7, 2007

Day 22: Brandt, the picketing street protester

I am baby, hear me snore
Our hypnobirthing instructor had her baby two days before me. She had planned on a homebirth, but near the end of her labor, the midwife discovered the baby was a double footling breech. They would have delivered at home, but the baby's heart rate wasn't ideal (turns out the cord was wrapped around her neck) so she transferred to the closest hospital for a cesarean. She wanted to take her placenta home, and although the hospital said that'd be fine at first, they ended up changing their mind.
So we met up with over a dozen other people and picketed the hospital to free the placenta today. I couldn't handle the heat so we only stayed a couple hours, but everyone else marched much longer than us and the news was even there. Brandt slept through the whole thing, but he was happy to participate and sport a "Placenta = HEALTH Not Hazard!" sign and biohazard sticker.


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